Wind of Change - Michael Johansson
Wind of Change, 2004
60 table fans, timers, elfa-system.
Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 4 m.
Installation view: beep, Galleri peep, Malmö (S)

Wind of Change
, 2004

Wind of Change
consists of sixty table fans collected over a period of one year at flea markets. They are all different and together they form a symphony of wind and noise.

Sixty fans are placed on a wall in the gallery and on the opposite side of the room twelve speakers, one for every vertical row of fans, plays monotonous tones recorded from the sound of the fans. Together the fans and the speakers create a sonic environment. Beneath each row of fans there is a motion-detecting sensor that activates the fans when a viewer moves in front of them. When a row of fans is activated, the connected speaker is turned off, to start again when the fan is stopped.


Exhibited at:
Wind of Change, PICTURA, Lund (S) 2005
beep, Galleri peep, Malmö (S) 2004