Engine Bought Separately - Volta - Michael Johansson
Engine Bought Separately - Volta, 2007
Wacuum cleaner, welded metal frame, spray paint.
Dimensions: 1,7 x 1 x 0.3 m.
Installation view: Engine Bought Separately, Galleri s:t Gertrud, Malmö (S)

Engine Bought Separately - Hugin - Michael Johansson
Engine Bought Separately - Krups - Michael Johansson
Engine Bought Separately - Hugin / Krups
, 2007

Everyday objects from mid-20th century housewives are taken apart, sorted, and repacked in an equally outdated boydream esthetics.  These two worlds are merged together and the objects are frozen in their new shape - while the function is displayed, the functionality is taken away.


Exhibited at:
Strings Attached, Galerie Hartwich, Rügen (DE) 2008
Strings Attached, Nordin Gallery, Stockholm (S) 2008
Stipendieutställningen, Konstakademien, Stockholm (S) 2008
Strings Attached, Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, Svolvær (NO) 2008
Høstutstillingen, Kunstneres Hus, Oslo / Trondheim Kunstmuseum (N) 2007
Göteborgarnas konst, Stadsbiblioteket, Göteborg (S) 2007
Samling, Arnstedt & Kullgren, Östra Karup (S) 2007
Kirunastipendiet - finalister, Kiruna Stadshus (S) 2007
Some Assembly Required, Mors Mössa, Göteborg (S) 2007
Engine Bought Separately,
Galleri s:t Gertrud, Malmö (S) 2007